Mold Remediation Services Sunnyvale

Mold is a mushroom that can grow on your property and must be treated immediately by professionals. It can grow and spread extremely rapidly and decay and destroy your home or office. Our specialists use the proper fluids, instruments and techniques to identify the type of mold that is growing on your property. By identifying the type of mold that is developing and dispersing in your environment will let our staff know the proper chemicals and methods to use in order to remove it. Water Damage Sunnyvale will remediate and decontaminate the affected area and examine the rest of your property to ensure any signs of mold growth.

Mold can destroy your property but more important it is a huge health hazard to your family or employees. Potential allergic reactions and respiratory problems are some of the health hazards that can be caused by mold. Mildew should not be ignored or taken lightly because it can lead to deadly infections. Mold removal is extremely necessary, in order to avoid it from growing and spreading into your air locks and vents.

A person exposed to a mold infection generally shows the following symptoms:
• Runny nose along with nasal and sinus blockage
• Eye irritation and pain including itching, redness and watering in eyes
• Respiratory infections, breathlessness and chest stiffness
• Cough and lung congestion
• Pain and irritation in throat
• Skin rashes, itching and irritation
• Headache and sneezing

Water Damage Sunnyvale hires and dispatches only trained, certified and expert mold damage restoration experts who have extensive experience in mold testing and remediation. They use the most recent and most efficient tools and techniques to test and remove the mold. Only non-toxic and eco-friendly chemicals and fluids are used to sanitize, deodorize and decontaminate the area after proper mold remediation.

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